Planning Photography & Verified Imagery (AVRs)

At m3fx we are passionate about our work and the approach we take towards our photography. We pride ourselves on implementing industry leading methodologies and have an in-house photography resource that allows us to respond to tight timescales.
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m3fx m3fx

55 Victoria Street, London, UK

CitizenM, Trinity Square, London, UK

The people we work with is key to a project’s success and we have 20 years of experience working closely with leading Planning Consultants & Architects to ensure delivery within programme and to an exceptional standard.

m3fx m3fx

3 & 10 Finsbury Square, London, UK

From model analysis, where viewing corridors and established LVMF vistas can be assessed, through to creating high quality 360 degree verified imagery, our team are familiar with all the demands of getting a project through the planning process.

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