m3fx have been producing digital imagery for the construction industry for the past 21 years, and are thrilled to announce the launch of; m3fx: celebrating 21 years of evolution in architectural visualisation’. The exhibition opened on 3rd May, and forms part of the studio’s 21st anniversary celebrations. This interactive exhibition is the first of its kind to be displayed at the NLA and will showcase how the architectural visualisation industry has evolved over the last two decades. The interactive curation will take visitors on a journey with retro, quirky and nostalgic elements, specially chosen to encourage interaction, education and fun. The evolution of visualisation is explored through a range of techniques, from view-masters, time-lapse, AVR to Oculus Rift.

Local schools have been specially invited to the exhibition to interact and engage and take part in an educational learning programme to learn more about the visualisation industry. We are hoping that our exhibition will inspire the future generation of visualisers! The Exhibition will be on until the 31st May.

For further information about our exhibition please click on this link.

m3fx Showreel 2018

18th May, 2018

m3fx is pleased to announce the release of our Showreel for 2018.

The Showreel is designed to give you an impactful overview of what we are capable of producing, in terms of still imagery, web design, 3D printing, VR, animation, visual effects and photography.

The showreel has been produced in High Definition and is accompanied with a soundtrack so please put on your headphones and hit the fullscreen button. We hope you enjoy it!