About us

We are a London based visualisation studio and have been producing digital imagery for the construction industry since 1997.

Projects range from small, but intricate interiors through to large scale master planning and complex marketing content. We pride ourselves in forming a good working relationships and always strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

For many years our reputation has been built around the production of planning imagery (namely verified or Accurate Visual Representation Images). However more recently we have proved our capabilities in a multitude of marketing material, including animation, interactive presentations and photography. We have worked with some of the UK’s leading architectural practices, construction companies and planning agents for projects throughout the UK and further afield in places such as Morocco, Lebanon and Dubai.


At m3fx we attract and retain professional individuals who share a passion for Architectural visualisation.

The team at m3fx comprises of incredibly talented individuals who share a passion for the incredible and exciting world of Architectural Visualisation. The team boasts a close-knit team with a strong work ethic which is evident in the delivery of the projects we work on. The team are a social bunch and enjoy attending techy and non-techy social events.


Key Staff

Nadi Jahangiri
Managing Director

Nadi is the founder and managing director at the m3fx London studio, and comes from an architectural background, having studied at the University of Liverpool, the AA and UNL. m3fx was set up in the late 90’s at the very start of the new and exciting world of architectural computer-generated CGI. He has witnessed first-hand, all the developments within this sector over the past 25 years, and is excited about the future of VR. With a great passion for design, art and architecture he believes in the power of technology to bring understanding to the design and building process to a wide demographic of people. Outside of the world of VR, Nadi’s other interests include, athletics, football, food and being a hands-on dad.

Bijoux Senayah
Marketing Manager

Bijoux joined m3fx in 2017 as the studio’s marketing manager having worked extensively in the architectural industry. Throughout her work experience she has worked in busy marketing and communication departments. With a great passion for the built environment, she finds the world of Architectural Visualisation enthralling and is looking forward to what the future holds within this industry. In her spare time Bijoux’s interests are spending time with her family and travelling.


We are proud of our excellent track record and to have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the UK and overseas. Here’s a small selection of some of the teams we have worked with:


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